Let’s talk about the most controversial topic among scientists, policymakers, doctors, and the general public – medical marijuana. Marijuana is famous for the “high” effect on its users. But the medical sector has found some areas where we can use its positive impact to our advantage. To understand the uses for medical marijuana, it is vital to understand what it is.

What is medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana refers to compounds derived from Cannabis used to relieve symptoms of some medical conditions. Physicians prescribe it for their patients, and it’s also called medical Cannabis. Clinical research surrounding it has been limited due to restrictions imposed by the government. 

The chief compounds used in making it are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The uses for medical marijuana are based on the effects of these components. It is available in various forms like tablets, dermal patches, cannabis edibles, capsules, and oral or dermal sprays.

How medical marijuana is used

It should be noted that it does not cure diseases or treat them. Uses for medical marijuana are restricted only to giving relief for symptoms caused by certain health conditions. Having that in mind, medical marijuana is used for chronic pain since it is considered safer than opiates which have higher chances of being abused by users. Addiction does not occur. On this basis, it is recommended for arthritis and migraines.

During chemotherapy, it can be used to reduce nausea and vomiting. It helps improve appetite for people with AIDS and can be used in managing anorexia. It can improve sleep for people with insomnia. It also reduces muscle spasms due to multiple sclerosis.

There are psychological disorders that can be managed with medical marijuana. They include depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Side effects of medical marijuana

When taken in moderation, side effects experienced are mild. They include dry mouth, dry eyes, lightheadedness, increased appetite, and tiredness. When high doses are administered, the user can experience hallucinations, dizziness, and increased paranoia or psychosis.

It is essential to get a prescription from a physician for uses for medical marijuana so as to moderate the amount consumed. It might be hard to get it due to the stigma and controversy associated with its use.


There is much need for public education on the uses of medical marijuana. I hope this article has provided some insight that you can share with your friends.

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Cannabidiol is an element found in hemp and cannabis. Most of it is derived from hemp which contains little Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. There has been a lot of recent studies which shows that CBD for pets uses could be much more beneficial than we think, especially in the treatment of dogs. However, just like some other products, CBD oil has it’s side effects as well.

How CBD oil affect pets and the problems it can treat

CBD has been shown to be effective in the treatment of dogs. It’s effect is realized when endocannabinoid receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous system interact with cannabidiol which maintains balance in the body this keeping it in a normal healthy state. There is evidence from dog owners who suggest that CBD for pets is effective in the reduction of seizures, and reduction of pain especially neuropathic pain.

Common uses of CBD FOR PETS

It has anti-inflammatory properties hence effective in reduction of inflammation, antianxiety impact hence helps your dog in the same way it does to humans, hence helps your dog to feel calm, feel relaxed and fall asleep in a much easier way.it has cardiac benefits hence normal heart functions for your pet, Stimulation of appetite enabling your pets to feed much better and antinausea effects which will prevent your pet from frequent vomiting during ailments. It could also have possible anticancer effects, even though there is no conclusive evidence to prove it, research is still being conducted.

Possible risks and side effects of using CBD for pets uses

There is no scientific evidence of how CBD for pets uses could affect pets, but based on how it affects humans, it could have potential side effects on pets. Following the correct dosage of CBD could help minimize potential side effects.

Increased thirst is one of the effects. CBD could reduce the production of saliva hence a dry mouth which leads to increased urge for frequent water intake by pets. It also lowers blood pressure temporarily when taken in higher dosages, which might lead to symptoms of lightheadedness in pets with symptoms of restlessness in pets. When taken in higher doses to reduce anxiety, it could lead to symptoms of drowsiness due to its calming effects on pets.

The risks and safety of CBD have not yet been evaluated hence it is still unknown the dosage which could cause harmful effects in pets. Any amount of dosage could cause a possible reaction when used hence it is always recommended that you start with lower to higher dosages while closely monitoring your pets for any reaction.

To conclude, CBD for pets uses has lots of benefits like the reduction of anxiety and stress, pain, anti-inflammatory effects and anti-anxiety effects. It can however pose potential health risks when used in the wrong dosages; it is advisable to always use the correct dosage.

Education levels have been increasing at high rates in the recent past and contributing profound technological changes and industrial growth. However, as many positive developments and growth are being achieved, the more damaging result of civilization are also breaking records. Magic mushrooms can be defined as a toadstool that has hallucinogenic effects. It is mainly used to trigger moods, attitudes, feelings, perception, and thought, among many other uses. Most of its users are the youth and other age groups that wish to interfere with the everyday routines of thinking, action and bring different moods and perceptions of movement and activities in their endeavors. 


Magic mushrooms have been classified as a group of drugs known as psychedelics and initiate changes in the body immediately after they are taken. One of the critical ingredients in magic washrooms is a molecule known as psilocybin. The human liver is always susceptible to the presence of some chemicals in the body. Once it’s taken in the body, it’s broken down by the liver by a process referred to as dephosphorylation. Its molecular composition and the effects it has on consumers make it illegal for consumption. The only sure way on how to take magic mushrooms safely is by getting a doctor’s prescription and guidance on how frequently to use it and the amounts to take per period. 

Reasons for consumption 

  • The main reason for its consumption is that it has hallucinogenic effects. Different users, therefore, would wish to use it to serve and satisfy various needs, either legally or in an illegal way. How to take magic mushrooms safely is in most cases not the priority of the consumers, but all they desire is to serve the intended purpose. 


  • It can be used as treatment medicine by doctors to patients who have brain problems to balance by increasing or reducing the speed at which it functions. 
  • It can be used for recreational purposes if not abused for relaxation and enjoyment in areas not prohibited. 

Side Effects 

  • The presence of psilocin chemical produced in the body due to its consumption leads to the following body effects: mood, lack of sleep, increased hunger, raising body temperatures, negatively affecting perception, and sex misbehavior. 


Many governments should not restrict many drugs, but the users abuse them and bring the need for restriction to reduce harms that they cause if misused. How to magic mushrooms safely is a process of concern to its many users because it has its advantages and many users who don’t wish or aim at abusing it. The best method is therefore obtaining consent from a licensed medical practitioner. 

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Cannabis is a popular psychoactive drug commonly called marijuana, pot, or weed. It is harvested from the cannabis plant. It is mainly consumed due to its effect on calmness and relaxation. However natural this plant is, it can still have a negative and positive effect on the human body  

Cannabis as a plant can be found and consumed in various forms. Cannabis has both the CBD chemical and the THC which both have specific functions. Below are some of the health uses 

Relieves chronic pain. These pains could originate from various conditions such as cancers. This is majorly a work of the CBD component that occupies a big fraction of the whole cannabis gods green crack. It also helps in managing pains from multiple sclerosis that up as painful muscle contractions. It helps in managing arthritis pain i.e. through the application of cannabis creams  

Helps in losing unwanted weight. It comes in handy in regulating insulin. It manages the calories consumed in an efficient way 

Regulates diabetes improves general blood circulation and lowers the body’s blood pressure. Most of these stem from the regulation of insulin in the body 

Smoking cannabis has fewer negative effects on the lungs as compared to smoking cigarettes to keep away cancers. Medical research in this field has been very conclusive on its positive impacts in keeping cancers at bay. Other researchers have proven that it is specific to some cancers  

Stabilizes moods that help manage depression and other related disorders. This is due to the presence of endocannabinoid compounds in the cannabis 

Helps manage extreme cases of autism that involves mood swings that resent in a more violent nature 

Helps manage alcohol addiction. This does not in any way imply that cannabis is 100% safe, but, compared to alcohol it is by far a better alternative 

It treats and manages inflammatory diseases of the bowl. THC and CBD have been proven to strengthen the immune system and improves the functioning of the gut. It helps stop any bacteria that brings up the inflammation within the gut and intestines 

Helps control PTSD and its relevant symptoms by controlling the flight response from going overboard 

Helps manage inflammation of the brain that eventually leads to Alzheimer’s disease 

Cures and manages Glaucoma. It helps reduce the pressure put on the eyeballs which can be extremely painful. It offers temporary relief  

Helps heal broken bones. In the process of repairing them, it makes them a lot stronger preventing any extreme trauma to the bones in future 

Regulates seizures and aids in the treatment of autism. Cannabis helps control the mood. Extensive research has shown it also manages the number of seizures and the extensive damages to different parts of the body 

Helps manage ADD/ADHD. These conditions affect cognitive performance and focus. Cannabis helps the patients focus and have a long concentration span. It is an alternative to the A and R treatment 

Cannabis has been proven to aid in various medical conditions over the past few years. With this realization, some governments have made this easier for users to get cannabis as a legal product. They are however administered by a qualified and registered doctor. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) are the two natural and chemical compounds contained in a marijuana plant. The plant has been known to be used illegal in the past but with the modern times legal use is increasing every day. This has made many consumers to become curious as to what the components entail and how they affect us. THC is the chief psychoactive component in Cannabis sativa plant which induces a high sensation when consumed while CBD does not have this effect. They are both available in form of oils, extracts, edibles, capsule and many more. Although they both interact with someone’s endocannabinoid system and have the same molecular structure, they both have varying effects.  

CBD vs THC effects as per the psychoactive components 

The two compounds have similar chemical structures but have different psychoactive effects. CBD has proven uses to treat insomnia, depression and anxiety while THC reacts with cannabinoid receptors (CB1) in the brain thus producing euphoria or a high sense. CBD normally binds with the cannabinoid receptors weakly and so it needs THC to bind first so that it can reduce some of the euphoric and sedative effects that come with the THC. 

CBD vs THC effects: Medical use 

Both CBD and THC have similar health benefits as they provide relief from varying and same medical problems. Most people prefer to use CBD since it does not dictate the high effects that THC does. CBD uses include to treat anxiety, seizures, pain, inflammatory bowels, depression, insomnia, migraine and nausea. On the other hand, THC is used to treat pain, glaucoma, nausea, anxiety, low appetite, muscle spasticity and insomnia.  

CBD vs THC side effects 

According to research, CBD Luxe is a well-tolerated compound as any side effects which occur are probably due to the interaction between another supplement or drug that a person may be taking. Some of the CBD side effects include changes in appetite, los of weight, diarrhoea, dizziness and fatigue. THC’s side effects are usually temporary and they are memory loss, anxiety, red eyes, dry mouth, an increase in heart rate, coordination issues and slow reaction to the surrounding. The side effects recorded are caused by the psychoactive properties of the compounds and none of them are fatal. However, unmoderated use of THC can lead to long-term psychiatric effects that are negative and so it is advised not to consume large quantities especially for young people.  

CBD vs THC effects; Comparison 

In most countries, THC is considered to be illegal while CBD is not. CBD helps people with psychosis, eases depression, reduces anxiety, decreases siezures and has a possibility of not showing on a drug test while THC can be detected in a drug test and has the ability to increase one’s appetite. Both CBD and THC are used as an anti-inflammatory, help with insomnia, migraines, pain, anxiety and nausea. 

We can deduct that both THC and CBD have medicinal advantages and they are safe for use. However, they both have mild side effects meaning that you should first consult a qualified and experienced doctor before deciding to consume them.  

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Weed edibles are food products that are related to cannabis. The edibles contain a relatively higher quantity of tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC), and  (CBD), that induce a large variety of effects such as euphoria, anxiety, relaxation, fatigue, and a high level of appetite. 

Weed edibles are otherwise of becoming high. This article has discussed details of How to consume weed edibles safely under the following sub-topics; instructions for taking weed edibles appropriately, their effects on individuals, and measures to be observed while taking them. They are as follows: 

Reading the Labels 

Weed edibles are supposed to be appropriately labeled with the size and quantity of servings in all packages and the quantities of THC in all servings. Have in mind the quantity of tetrahydrocannabinol you can consume cheap weed, and how it could affect your health. 

Giving Yourself Time 

Weed edibles like marijuana takes past two hours to react, so you are supposed to relax for some time (three hours) while arranging to take extra. 

Drinking Optimum Amount of Water 

Drinking water acts against dry mouth condition and caters for a complete hydration process. The water should be clean. Moreover, this can also save you chocking by the weed edibles. 

Avoid Taking Weed Edibles When Hungry  

Health experts advice is to take a balanced diet before consuming weed edibles. Although edibles get  digested quickly when you are hungry, they result into unnecessary highs. 

Proper Storage of the Weed Edibles 

Keep the weed edibles away from kids and pets who may become sick after consuming them. This can be handled by locking the edibles inside your cupboard or any other safe point. 

Consumption of weed edibles affects; reaction time, concentration, and short-termed memory.  Symptoms of consuming excess edibles are: rapid heartbeat, vomiting, and hallucinations. 

Pets also take weed edibles. They can be faced with stress and anxiety after taking them especially in excess quantities. THC together with chocolate may bring a challenge since it is hazardous to every dog. Call any available veterinarian upon suspecting the pet has consumed  the edibles excessively. 

When you overdose the edibles, do not tense; therefore, drink fluids excessively while avoiding disturbances. Having a pure Cannabidiol (CBD) dose beside you is good whenever you need to react it against THC. Remembering that under dosing scenarios are also rampant, you should control yourself accordingly to keep away from both negative ends.   

This is the appropriate guide for all consumers of weed edibles who are tirelessly seeking instructions for taking the edibles. Information on How to consume weed edibles safely that has been discussed in this article are realistic, so trust them. You can apply them now to start experiencing the positive effects of weed edibles when consumed properly. 

Cannabis possession and use are still illegal in some states in the US categorizing it as a schedule 1 psychoactive drug. The reasons for its ban are the supposed high potential for abuse and some psychological dependence in its consumers, leading to increased youth consumption. 

Despite the controversy surrounding the legalization of weed as a non-lethal drug, several states still push for its approval as a beneficial drug for its medical purposes and its economic potential as a commodity, and the impact it can have on the country’s growth. 

Here are some of the reasons why the legality of cannabis in the USA can prove to be essential for its consumers and the country, 

Its economic impact. Legalizing the consumption of marijuana can bring an overall growth in the economy giving rise to the creation of new job vacancies and opportunities. These opportunities could range from the inclusion of secondary companies who would be involved in its distribution and production of marijuana creating vacancies for employees like, workers for farming and processing purposes. 

Research companies that work to develop marijuana-based medical products offer numerous job vacancies for people in the growth and distribution of the cannabis plant. This means more money for the state and the government if it were legal in all states. 

The economic benefits of its legalization for commercial use can lead to increased tax revenues contributed from its sales and the fees of weed. If marijuana were to be legalized in all states there would be an exponential increase in aggregate revenue in a year and for the coming years.  

Another incentive is increased investment opportunities. The maturity of infrastructure surrounding the growth and distribution of weed could generate numerous investors to capitalize on the industry. This would lead to a rise in the number of weed companies trading on the public stock exchange, increasing the interest in expanding cannabis companies due to more opportunities. 

Its medical purposes. The legalization of medical marijuana has opened up its sale to medical weed consumers in 15 states. This has been made easy by the adoption of medical cards for patients with specific ailments in weed dispensaries. Cannabis-based industries are now maximizing profits from the sale and fees of medical marijuana because of the increase in the number of patients and recreational consumers.  

Weed has other known medical benefits for people suffering from diseases such as glaucoma and cancer by aiding in the alleviation of pain due to the cannabidiol pharmacological properties present in its composition. It is also prescribed to patients suffering from social anxiety to help them unwind and manage their disorder as a treatment option. 

Overall, if weed were to be legalized the impact on both the research medical industry and the economy would be greatly advanced in the coming years. Not to mention the increase in tax revenue from the sale and distribution pot. It is safe to say the benefits trump the reasons for its ban on consumption across all states buy from Green Society.