Cannabis Sativa and Indica are both used for medicinal purposes. Among the uses in medicinal purposes are; in the treatment of pain and for culturing in cultural media. Apart from the beneficial purposes, they also have harmful, more than practical effects. In the  Indica vs Sativa comparison, there are some notable differences between cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica. Some of these differences are highlighted below.

Physical differences

Indica has broad and compact clusters for leaf shape, while Sativa has thin and spread apart leaves. This difference makes the farmers aware of what they are growing. Apart from farmers, botanists use these differences to identify them once they make medicines out of them. Indica plants have a woody stalk and are shorter than Sativa. Lastly, when India and cannabis plants are planted simultaneously, the indica plant will grow faster than the Sativa plant. 

Physiological differences

Sativa makes the head high, thus bringing alertness, uplifting, creativity and increased energy, while Indica makes the body high, thus promoting relaxation, stimulating appetite, aiding sleep and relieving pain. Cannabis sativa is recommended during the day, while cannabis indica is best for night use. Many consumers have referred to this Indica Vs Sativa weed comparison on consumption. 

Medical Efficacy 

Indica tends to decrease energy, so it is recommended to be taken in the evening or at night after completing the activities of the day. Some people often refer to it as “couchlock,” as when taken by some people, they make one be relaxed and barely get up from where they are seated. This is not the case with Sativa, as it uplifts cerebral creativity and productivity. 


Sativa and Indica are very confusing to those who need to use them. Care should be taken for one to use sativa for what it is meant for and indica for what it is intended for. Care also should be taken when using these drugs, as when they are used excessively, they are addictive and will eventually make one be enslaved person over them. 

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Sativa vs indica weed strains has dominant strains which are always produced energy that has multiple issues. It is excellent for people who want to stay focused, and it also relieves anxieties and decreases stress. Sativa strains have a high impact on those who wish to heighten creativity. It may leave people feeling more clear-headed.

Sativa vs. Indica weed strains can be separated into three different groups. Indica strains are known for good leaves that are purple. They are also short and fat as compared to the Sativa. It is not easy to get pure indica due to generic variations from cannabis planters as they interbreed its plants. When you smoke indica flowers, they will automatically leave you feeling intoxicated; thus, your body feels relaxed.

Nowadays, people use Sativa vs. indica weed strain to manage medical symptoms. Most people procure weed from weed online Canada. In particular, cannabis has been legalized as medicine. Sativa is good in mood-lifting, energizing strains, while indica is good for sleep and sedation.

Sativa strains in medical 

It is good to be used in the daytime as it will often produce creative cerebral which brings mind pure. It has a high concentration of THC compared with the CBD ratio. So, it has high uplifting, which causes more energy to the user. So, you can use it while in social gatherings to be productive.

Therapeutic benefits of Sativa weed

Sativa vs. Indica weed strains have medical benefits, although each has different effects on the users. Sativa will cause more stimulants, thus well known for addressing chronic pain and nausea. Sativa also has a positive, uplifting effect on patients, thus creating psychoactive high thus making patients consume it throughout the day.

Medical effects of indica strains.

Indica strains produce classic cough lock high, making them suitable for relaxation or falling asleep. It is ideal for people who have insomnia or even sleep-related issues. They work well, mainly during the night or when you don’t want to be active. They cause calmness and serenity in the body and mind, thus causing good psychoactive intoxication.

Indica strains are pure form with a concentration of CBD compared to Sativa, thus making them suitable for the cerebral body.

Therapeutic benefits of Indica strain.

It is suitable for people who have a problem with anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pains; therefore, those who consume it say that it is a natural sleeping pill.


No matter what kind of Sativa vs. indica weed strain you need, many cannabis varieties can cure your problems. Cannabis is a complex plant that produces a feeling of calmness, sedation, relaxation, and many more.