Ocean Cargo Ships See Massive Insurance Increase

Describe some of the leading container ships in the world

Container ships carry cargo using a method called Containerization meaning that they carry their load on truck-sized intermodal facility. Container ships now dominant in the international transport of goods which may be bulky or non-bulky. The sizes of containers are standardized worldwide and stand at twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU). In this article we discuss some of the world’s largest companies in the container shipping based on TEU standards.

  1. Emma Maersk This container ship is owned by A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. She was launched in 2006 and at the time was the largest container ship ever built. The ship has the capacity of carrying 11,000 TEU. In 2010 Ebba Maersk break the record to carry 15,ooo TEU standards.
  2. CMA CGM Marco Polo This company is named after Marco Polo who was a Venetian explorer and traveller. The company is based in UK. The company set the record in the world of having over 16,000 capacity though this feat was overtaken by Emma Maesk later with over 18000TEU.
  3. MSC New York This ship was made in 2014 and at the moment carries the flag of Canada. Her capacity is over 16000 TEU and a length of 399m and 54m beam.
  4. CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin This container ship built for CMA CGM Group is named after Benjamin Franklin who was the founding father of United Sates. CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin is one of the largest container ships with a capacity of over 18000TEU.
  5. Magleby Maersk This is an E-class triple container and one of the world’s largest ships of the container. It has over 18000 TEU capacity and owned by the world’s largest container ship and owned by AP Moller which is a Danish Ship company.
  6. Barzan (UASC) This is a state of the art ship container and features among the largest ship in the world. It is built for United Arab Shipping Company and has over 18000 TEU. It is environmental as it has the lowest carbon emission.
  7. CSCL Globe-MV CSCL– This container ship is the property of China Shipping Container Lines. At the time it was flagged off, it was the largest container ship having 19000 capacity.  It mainly runs the Asia and Europe route.
  8. MSC OSCAR It has a capacity of over 19000 TEU and has a refrigerated section.
  9. OOCL Hong Kong This is the largest container built by Samsung Heavy Industries whose capacity is over 21000 TEU.
  10. MOL Triumph Its capacity is over 20000 TEU and operates under the flag of South Korea. It is currently the world’s largest vessel having a length of 400m and over 58m length.
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