Uses of magic mushrooms

Education levels have been increasing at high rates in the recent past and contributing profound technological changes and industrial growth. However, as many positive developments and growth are being achieved, the more damaging result of civilization are also breaking records. Magic mushrooms can be defined as a toadstool that has hallucinogenic effects. It is mainly used to trigger moods, attitudes, feelings, perception, and thought, among many other uses. Most of its users are the youth and other age groups that wish to interfere with the everyday routines of thinking, action and bring different moods and perceptions of movement and activities in their endeavors. 


Magic mushrooms have been classified as a group of drugs known as psychedelics and initiate changes in the body immediately after they are taken. One of the critical ingredients in magic washrooms is a molecule known as psilocybin. The human liver is always susceptible to the presence of some chemicals in the body. Once it’s taken in the body, it’s broken down by the liver by a process referred to as dephosphorylation. Its molecular composition and the effects it has on consumers make it illegal for consumption. The only sure way on how to take magic mushrooms safely is by getting a doctor’s prescription and guidance on how frequently to use it and the amounts to take per period. 

Reasons for consumption 

  • The main reason for its consumption is that it has hallucinogenic effects. Different users, therefore, would wish to use it to serve and satisfy various needs, either legally or in an illegal way. How to take magic mushrooms safely is in most cases not the priority of the consumers, but all they desire is to serve the intended purpose. 


  • It can be used as treatment medicine by doctors to patients who have brain problems to balance by increasing or reducing the speed at which it functions. 
  • It can be used for recreational purposes if not abused for relaxation and enjoyment in areas not prohibited. 

Side Effects 

  • The presence of psilocin chemical produced in the body due to its consumption leads to the following body effects: mood, lack of sleep, increased hunger, raising body temperatures, negatively affecting perception, and sex misbehavior. 


Many governments should not restrict many drugs, but the users abuse them and bring the need for restriction to reduce harms that they cause if misused. How to magic mushrooms safely is a process of concern to its many users because it has its advantages and many users who don’t wish or aim at abusing it. The best method is therefore obtaining consent from a licensed medical practitioner. 

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