What Travellors Need To Know About Insurance

Travel insurance

This is basically explained as the AXA of SG insurance that is intended to cover the medical expenses, flights being canceled, flight accidents and luggage being lost. Travel insurance is usually done at the time you are booking your trip or exactly during that duration of the travel. There is multi policy that can cover unlimited trips within certain duration of time. Some policies will offer lower and higher medical expense. You may find that the higher ones are for the countries with high medical costs for example the united states.

When you decide to pay for the insurance via the credit card you will be offered automatic AXA SG travel insurance issued via the credit card. These policies are generic and you should be a lot careful when taking into account personal requirments in the market you will come across so many travel insurance covers and it’s upon you to take care and be keen on what events are covered. Expectations and also the limits that are applied.

Coverage types

Mostly the risk covered by travel insurance is

  • Medical treatment-this includes even transportation to the medical facility
  • Cancellation and trip interruption-this usually covers the unused travel and accommodation costs. When a trip has been canceled or has been cut short it is due to the following reasons; death, sudden illness ,disease or any pregnancy complications, has a case to answer, has been called as a witness, your employment has been terminatedsuddenly, you have been called in if you work for any arm of the government, givencompulsory leave.
  • Delays in travel which might be caused by weather condition for example the storms and floods.
  • An airline could reschedule so leading to the flight connection being missed.
  • You have to lose or damage you’re travelling document

Common exclusions

This common exclusions in a travel Insurance include ;a vehicle which has been unlicensed,travelling so as to receive medical attention,when going for surgery or treatment,injury or any accident that may have  been caused by alcohol. The insurance companies which is issuing new policies should exclude a circumstances based on any current situation for example the floods.

Some policies may also not be including when you are travelling to countries where a greater risk could be expected. They make these decisions based on government advice and caution.Travel insurance may provide some helpful services like 24 hours a day and offer emergence travel assistance. When research is done and the insurance company finds you had an overdose or drug abuse, it won’t cover such medical expenses. But you have to do the covering of doctor visits and consultations right from your pockets.