Best Strains of Cannabis for Chilling

Although some people use cannabis for medication, most of its consumers are just looking to relax and have a good time while at it. That being said, there are specific strains of cannabis for whatever use one has in mind. This article exposes you to the best classic strain. They might be as late as they are classic, and there many counterfeits of them. If a user can get the real deal, however, they are worth it.

First off, there are three cannabis subspecies; indica, sativa and a hybrid born of both. Indica is known to be heavier on the body while sativa has a short lived powerful cerebral effect. The hybrid strains are loved as they provide a part of both. Moving on to the strains now.

Acapulco Gold

This is a sativa strain. It is considered by some as best strain ever created. Its happy, stimulating buzz makes it a number one choice for it’s users.


This is a hybrid strain. Although it is a classic, it rose to game in 2013 after winning Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup. It is a product of Alien Genetics. Farmers love it as it is a fast growing plant with a short vegetative cycle. Its strong effects are cerebral oriented enhancing relaxation and stress reduction.

Grape Ape

This is an indica strain. It has dense compound buds covered with purple leaves that darken as it reaches maturity. It guarantees the user a carefree relaxation.

Nine Pound Hammer

Now this is the definition of classic. It is an eighth percent indica strain. It’s combined flavors give out an aroma that leads to deep relaxation. Its effects are long lasting.


This sativa dominant hybrid strain has a unique lime smell. Its long lasting effects teleport its users to a world of happiness and a relaxed mindset. Its lemon- citrus fusion alleviates stress and bad moods.

Death Star

This is a hybrid descendant of Jensi Star and Sour Diesel, a fact that is proved by the smoke it emits. It’s taste and aroma is for a better part diesel. It also has traces of citrus which give it a sharp kick. The aftermath takes a while to come to but once it does,it gives a powerful euphoric buzz

Skywalker OG

Introducing a hybrid blend of Skywalker and OG Kush. OG Kush has made a big name for itself in the cannabis market. Its offspring does not disappoint. It has a jet fueled aroma that leaves it’s users relaxed, happy and euphoric.

Of course there are strains that are hot in the market right now. Strains like OG Kush, northern lights, and blueberry are in high demand. I assure you, though, you can never go wrong with the classics.