Over the years, there has been a significant increase in the use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. Despite cannabis being illegal under federal law in the United States of America, most states have taken up the task of legalizing it for various reasons. This fact has been the most significant contributor to the increase in the purchase and use of cannabis. In the past, the most common way of consuming it has been through inhaling the smoke of burnt cannabis flower, but with evolving technology, more ways to consume it have come up by using edibles. The edible way of consuming cannabis is either in solid or liquid form. This article will focus on the growing trend of cannabis consumption in the liquid form buy weed online

The increased demand and consumption of cannabis have led to significant changes in the production process. Producers are coming up with new ways to deliver the product to stay relevant in the market. One way has been introducing cannabis beverages produced by infusing a drink of choice with cannabis extract or concentrate. 

At the beginning of this new wave of consuming cannabis in liquid form, there was little penetration of such drinks in the market. This was mainly due to the unpleasant taste and inconsistency caused by the infusing process. The compounds in the cannabis plant (cannabinoids), such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), are fat-soluble and not easily mixed with water. Therefore most drinks would have the cannabis oil and the water separating, creating undesirable effects. This pushed manufacturers to develop new ways of infusing the extract without altering the drink’s taste and effect by using advanced emulsification technology. Another hindrance faced when these cannabis beverages were first introduced was the onset time or the length of time it took a consumer to feel the drug’s effects. As with the solid edible forms of cannabis ingested orally, cannabinoids are absorbed in the stomach and liver, slowing down the drug’s effects. This was undesirable to many consumers, making the manufacturers develop ways to shorten the onset time by breaking down the cannabis extract into smaller molecules, allowing faster absorption. The concentration and dosage of the active cannabis ingredients (THC and CBD) often differ depending on the manufacturers and consumer preferences.  

There is a wide range of cannabis beverages to pick from in the market, including; herbal teas, sparkling water, non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic wines, powders to mix in water, and many more. These beverages offer different amounts of active cannabis ingredients, and a consumer is free to choose as high or as low as they would prefer. The most significant advantage of cannabis beverages has been offering consumers a smoke-free option to those who do not like smoking it and also reducing the potential health risks smoke can cause in the long run. With the introduction of non-alcoholic beer infused with cannabis extract, non-alcohol consumers now have an alternative that they can enjoy socially without feeling left out. 

Digital marketing on new business start up focuses on branding and seeking out new customers in the market. However, as soon as the business is up and running in the market and has attracted a lot of new consumers, the marketing strategy must change. The focus should shift more on customer retention as opposed to attracting new customers in the business. A focus on consumer retention will cost you less in advertising and will increase your profits. 

To do this you need to be aware of the strategies to take up in order to retain your customers. 

Provide Exceptionally good service 

Statistics show that a customer who was provided with a high-quality service will most likely repurchase the product or tend towards the same service in future. Good customer relationship is key in retaining your customers. Achieving this ranges from hiring good competent and reliable employees, being quick to respond to your customers and generally giving the best to your customers will guarantee customer loyalty. 

Make use of email marketing strategy 

An email pop-up to your customers on their favorite brand will encourage them to shop more. You can send Newsletters on the current business updates on the new products. However, you should ensure that you seek consent of the customer before sending emails for not all customers might be comfortable with that. Do offer them an option to sign up with their email and when they do, utilize the opportunity effectively. 

Offer deals and coupons 

No customer dislikes favorable business deals. Offering your customer crazy deals and savings coupons will keep them purchasing more of your products. Offering bulk discounts for instance is a good customer retention strategy within your business. Giving the discounts that other businesses do not give will keep them loyal to your brand. 

Utilize subscriptions strategy on your products 

This is dependent on your business type since a lot of the business cannot use the subscription model, one can utilize this model if it proves viable for your entity. This will help you retain your customers as the digital subscription will encourage them to remain tied to your services or business products. Say you own a gym, offering subscriptions will be a cheaper plan and hence retaining most of your customers. This offers a sort of guarantee to a business since you are assured of doing business with customers who have subscriptions in a range of products for a certain period of time as agreed upon by both parties. 

Focus on customer feedback 

Customer feedback is very crucial to your business. Setting your focus by valuing your customer feedback where you work on where there is some dislike and improve the service will lead to customer loyalty. 

Customer retention in digital marketing is a vital tool in any existing business. It will even pass as being more important than acquiring new customers into your business as it builds trust with your customers keeping them loyal to your brand. You are  out to seek great strategies to retain your customers and reap great returns from your business My Left Foot Business

Home delivery of cannabis has long been allowed below the state’s medical-marijuana program. Advocates pushed for a delivery-only license within the recreational market to enable cannabis delivery in Vancouver. This dissertation will facilitate the level of taking part in the field between giant companies and little businesses due to entry barriers for delivery that are generally less massive than those for retail licenses. 

The Cannabis Management Commission has been brooding about a delivery framework. It can launch delivery with exclusivity for participants within its Social Equity Program and authorized economic authorization candidates. 

Consumers need the delivery. You needed delivery for a lengthy time, and equity and economic authorization businesses can be a big part of this market. A commission has taken it seriously. to measure up to the present mandate to incorporate disproportionately injured folks within the trade, and it was another vital step towards that. You’re too trying forward to that changing into reality. 

The issue self-addressed wasn’t contentious within the least: regulators united to rename the planned license varieties “marijuana delivery operator” and “marijuana traveller,” severally. 

This is not to defend retailers; that’s not the logic or motivation. The motivation is to permit multiple entities to participate and vie within the delivery market. You wish to be upset that somebody will get a start, be well-capitalized and build it troublesome, if not possible, for different entities to induce into this market. Believe what’s being projected in defensive and enhancing equity, not limiting it among the folks of Vancouver.  

The three hundred united to permit up to delivery licenses — either two marijuana delivery operator licenses, two marijuana delivery traveller licenses, or one amongst every — as a compromise. Existing three hundred laws already limit an individual or entity to a few total three hundred delivery or retail licenses. 

The three hundred additionally forbid what was delineate because the “ice cream truck model” of delivery and created express that everyone inventory on a marijuana delivery vehicle should be related to a particular order. He thought that clarification was particularly necessary if there’s planning to be a cap on the quantity of anybody business will hold. 

A potential manner around that restriction is for Associate in Nursing entity to preload delivery vehicles, strategically position them around the state with inventory that matches their anticipated orders, and respond quickly to those orders due to they’d these delivery vehicles scattered around the larger Vancouver. 

It was clear that there have been two lobbying entities happening here. One is attempting to mention that we tend to should not have to license. It’s planning to interrupt an exact marketplace that we have a tendency to have already got. Its speech communication things like native management aren’t planning to exist and things like that. And so, we’ve got Nursing entity that’s talking regarding, really, the form of merely handing the keys and belongings this delivery rise and running of cannabis in Vancouver. The policy discussion things that have these days and the language that we’ve got had clear there are still heaps of queries, and it’s clear that there are still heaps of uncertainty around delivery. 

They didn’t directly address the lawmakers’ considerations; however, the commission feels snug that it’s the authority it has to move ahead with its delivery laws. Different lawmakers additionally weighed in throughout the comment associated with the projected two-driver minimum for delivery vehicles. The new ‘wholesale’ license kind solely for social equity Associate in Nursing economic authorization may be a significant step toward fulfilling the law’s intent within the assembly enacted for a just trade. During this time of COVID-19, the delivery of adult-use cannabis is especially necessary because it offers the potential for higher social distancing at intervals in the retail sector. It also provides varied opportunities for economic authorization during this time of financial hardship for thus several. 

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When you hear the word, cannabis all a person thinks of is smoking. Well, what if I told you that it more than one way of in taking it into the body with a good number of health benefits You can be able to make it as a drink. A good example is cannabis tea known to be one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. Drinking options for cannabis offers an alternative to people who wish to experience the benefits of cannabis without smoking it. This article focuses on the healthy benefits of in taking cannabis as a drinking option.

Healthy benefits of in taking cannabis as a drinking option

Reduces anxiety

Cannabis contains CBD (cannabinoids) oil that is the main element that helps in reducing anxiety. Using CBD (cannabinoids) is often recommended as a starting point for novice users who are looking to use medical cannabis in their tea. All it has to do is to be managed under the care of both a medical provider and mental health professional. Its downside is that it only has slight anxiety reduction properties. It does not necessarily “treat” anxiety it only helps in reducing it. Please note that you should not rely on it as either a sole or long-term treatment way.

Improves lung health

Unlike tobacco, cannabis acts as a bronchodilator rather than a constrictor. This means that cannabis might even be beneficial to your lungs as may reduce the ability of cancer to spread. This may be quite beneficial for anyone who may be having a respiratory ailment. An added advantage is that you will not be in taking it through smoking but orally which will not affect your  lungs directly as smoke would.

Relieves body pain

The cannabinoids that are found in marijuana help in dampening pain signals which bind to pain receptors in the central nervous system. Unlike morphine or codeine, marijuana is not addictive and it will not cause any withdrawal symptoms. When used for pain relief, cannabis-infused tea is better than smoking as it travels through your digestive system and body. As such, the result is longer lasting and more efficient.

Reduces depression

Depression is a mood disorder that can have far-reaching emotional and physical effects. Marijuana acts as a sedative that can soothe and calm any worries and thinking patterns. It also has proven to have effective calming abilities, which aids in helping in depression.


For those who are always looking for how cannabis can be of any help to them, then the above medical benefits are a good reason for you to understand. As seen above, cannabis can also be taken without smoking.

In case you want to be the best communicator in the world, it is essential that you take storytelling seriously, as it is the one which will catapult your star. Storytelling is none of the most effective ways of communication, due to its ability to capture the attention of your listener and make them relate with what you are talking to. However, in case you want to fine-tune your storytelling skills, it is upon you to make sure you get the right training. With all the many storytelling training schools all over the globe, it is essential to have the right tips of choosing your school. This is because the school that you choose will determine the quality of education that you will get. Below are some of the tips.  

Closely check the class size  

The size of the storytelling training school workshop may seem non-consequential to you, however, it is one of the most essential thing that you out to look out for when choosing your storytelling training school. This is because the size of the storytelling class that you enroll in will automatically determine the quality of education that you will get. When the class size is big, then the student to tutor relationship is distant and therefore the chances of comprehending of what is being taught becomes a challenge. Therefore, it would be wise of you to choose the school with a small class size, as this will ensure that you have a close relationship with the tutor and therefore can help you clear out what you did not understand.  

Take note of the fees 

It goes without saying that you will be required to pay for the school fees, if you are to enroll in a storytelling training school. The different storytelling training school charges different fees and therefore, you will need to choose the school that best favors your pockets. In order to achieve this therefore, it is essential that when you are choosing your storytelling school, to ask them to provide you with their fees, so as you can compare if the fees that they charge rhymes with your budget. You can thereafter choose the school that charges reasonably fair.  

Please check the reviews of the school 

In this day and age, people are choosing their products in the online platform, without even carrying out the background check of where they are buying them from. However, it is incumbent upon you to make sure that the school that you choose is the best in the region and offers high quality services. In order to achieve this, you need to look at the reviews that the school is getting, because the reviews have every information that you might be looking for. You can then choose the school with the right reputation.  

Cannabis tinctures are just cannabis extracts that are alcohol-based, and they usually come in small glass bottles with droppers. They are mainly made from alcohol but to skip the intoxication effects; they can therefore be made from glycerine Cannabis tinctures are mainly medical and recreation consumptions. Also, it is among smokeless consumption methods.

Making cannabis tinctures and how to use
If you want to make cannabis tinctures, you will need to have a higher percentage of alcohol. Remember that the quality and quantity of cannabis you use will determine the potency of the final product.
What you need to make cannabis tinctures

Here are some of the and ingredients you will need;
°cannabis flower
°Oven safe pan
°A high percentage of alcohol
°Aluminum foil
°Mason jar and measuring glass cup
The first thing you need to do is to decarboxylate your weed, then grind them into smaller pieces and place them in an oven-safe pan to bake for 110 mins at 230 degrees. Use your aluminum foil to cover the pan to prevent your weed from vaporizing.

Now with your decarboxylated cannabis, place it in a jar, then fill it with high concentrated alcohol till the cannabis tinctures are submerged. The next step for you is to use cheesecloth and strain materials through it into a measuring glass. You can still use gloves to squeeze. And finally, you need to store your tinctures safely. For easy dosing, transfer your tincture glass using a dropper.

There are three ways in which you can use your cannabis tinctures; indigestion it sublingually, using droppers into the mouth and adding it to any meal or drink.

What are the benefits of cannabis tinctures?
Here are some of the benefits you need to know associated with the consumption of cannabis tinctures, especially for first-timers.

Easy to dose
This is made easier with the help of droppers. You can get your preferred dosage and still choose to either increase or decrease.

Flexibility and long shelf life
Cannabis tinctures are very flexible as you can add them in any kind of meal or drink you have. Also, they really last longer when you store them in a cool and dry place. Remember to keep your tinctures tightly covered and shake well before using them.

Fast onset of effects
Unlike cannabis, tincture a little time to be kicked in and can be felt for about 15 minutes. Hence, you, therefore, understand how you will get affected before shifting to any other activity.

They are discrete
Tinctures don’t really smoke like a weed a like a medicine; hence easy to carry in your bag in a small jar.
It only takes small steps and ingredients to make tinctures; therefore, cannabis tinctures are the best way to receive medical benefits from cannabis without smoking it physically. For precise and best methods of cannabis consumption, then think of cannabis tincture.

If you are interested in becoming a cannabis grower and participating in List of Cannabis Competitions Weedsmart cannabis sales You will be surprised to know that, there are many cannabis varieties out there that you can present at the cannabis competitions and emerge a winner. This article assists you to discover which variety best suits you and which you can present at the competitions.


You might be asking what exactly a Cannabis Competition is. It is a tasting event by cannabis connoisseurs of big numbers of cannabis strains to decide their relative quality. Within the structure of each competition, it is the product producers and growers themselves who decide the cannabis strains that are tested. Several growers submit many strains in multiple competitions, while others present just a few.

But, as is commonly known among recreational and medicinal cannabis users, not all cannabis is created equal. Different strains of cannabis create different effects and therefore can be utilized for different reasons. There are, nonetheless, still similarities among products sold under different strain names. However, keep it in mind that each individual reacts differently to cannabis.

If you are up to date with the cannabis scene, you might have heard words such as indica, sativa and hybrid. Usually, most individuals divide cannabis into these three categories.

If you’ve read a little about marijuana, or if you enter most dispensaries, you might see the words indica, Sativa, and hybrid. Generally, most people divide marijuana into these three categories. Indica, originating from the Hindu Kush Mountains, is thought to bring about a relaxing effect on the user. Sativa has a more revitalizing effect, while hybrid is a blend of the two.

But, beyond Sativa, Indica and hybrid judges divide the types of cannabis available into strains. Strains are different breeds of cannabis, and they are bred to have precise effects on the user. The strain you choose depends on the effect it will have on the user. For instance, cannabis has a variety of medicinal uses, but some strains are better suited for certain conditions than others.

The following are the most popular strains out there that you can produce and present at the List of Cannabis Competitions:-

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is grown in Acapulco, Mexico and is a popular and highly admired strain of cannabis. It is known for its euphoria-inducing, energizing effects. It is stated to reduce stress, pain, nausea, and even fatigue.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is calming and relaxing, though it is not entirely a sedative. This makes it appropriate for easing cramps, pain or inflammation when you are unable to fall asleep. Also, it is claimed to lift the user’s mood and provide a feeling of euphoria

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is amazing for stirring up a state of bliss so that the user feels happy, relaxed and happy. It is usually used for reducing muscle spasms and pain. Its sedating effect indicates that it can be used to reduce insomnia.

Sour Diesel

Sour Disel is a highly energizing, mood-lifting strain. It is amazing for providing the user with a burst of positive energy. It is also known for its de-stressing and pain-relieving effects

Bubba Kush

Bubby Kush is a sleep-inducing, relaxing strain. It is suitable for assisting the user to fight insomnia. It also provides stress-relieving and pain-reducing results.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is another extremely relaxing strain. It’s regularly praised for its insomnia-fighting and stress-reducing results. Users also notice that it can make you feel euphoria and amplify hunger, which is grand if you are experiencing a lack of appetite.


The variety that you will choose to grow and eventually present at the List of Cannabis Competitions will depend on the desired effect on the user and personal preferences. So go with your gut and with what is popular.


Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is a drug that in most states is still under debate on whether to be legalised on not, but to our friends in the state of Canada, this is no longer an issue as the recreational and medical use of marijuana was legalised two years ago; 2018.


Regardless of where you are in Canada, you can carry, possess and share 30 grams of cannabis legally- that is an equivalent of 60-75 prerolled joints. It is typically sold in government run retail shops or private run dispensaries who have a seal displayed in the window to indicate approval by canadian covernment. Despite this legalisation, it is not lawful to smoke in indoor public spaces.


There are currentlt 102 licensed marijuana producers in Canada These authorised licensed producers are approved by the department of health in Canada. Here are some of the best of the best  licensed producers to help you purchase quality legal weed;


Canopy growth corporation

They were formerly known as Tweed Marijuana Inc., and they stand as one of Cananda´s largest licensed cannabis producers. It was founded in 2014 by Bruce Linton and Check Rifici and is located in Smith Falls, Ontario.

They are licensed to grow 25,000 kilos of weed per year.

They grow and manufacture cannabis products such as oil, gel capsules, concentrates and hemp-based products.

They were the first publicly traded marijuana company in the world (TSX; WEED) in 2014.

it is also the first cannabis company trade on NewYork Stock exchange (NYSE;CGC).


Aurora Cannabis Inc,

It is based in Edmonton, Alberta and was founded in 2013.

aurora produces cannabis oil and top shelf flower and produce up to 150,000 kilos of marijuana a year at five different cultivation sites around the world.

It is also traded publicly on Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker ACB.


Broken Coast Cannabis

It is  based on the British Colombian west coast and has been licensed since 2014. They offer great standard shipping rates, and free shipping on purchases above $150.

They have an online store with an easy sign up system that appeals to most buyers, as well as the best selection of products based on customer reviews.


7 Acres

This a green house owned by the cannabis company known as Supreme. It is based in Kincardine, Ontario, over a 340,000 square foot cultivation facility that grows indoor quality buds. They have been licensed to produces cannabis since 2016. This producer is also traded publicly on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSX-V; FIRE).



It was founded in 2014 in Ontario by Cole Cacciavillani and John Cervini.

They offer patients cannabis capsules and oils.

It is publicly traded on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX-APH).


Green Relief Inc

This licensed producer is based in Ontario and was founded in 2013 by Warren Bravo,Lyn Bravo, and Steve Leblanc.

It is the only Canada producer that uses aquaponics (using fish as fertilizer), which is considered the most innovative and sustainable agricultural form of production. This method guarantees healthy plants and products without use of harmful pesticides.

They offer products such as signature dried flower strains, vaporisers and oils.


Some more LPs that you can research on include;

  • ABcann Medicinals
  • Canada´s Island Garden
  • Canna Farms Ltd
  • Delta 9 Bio-tech Inc
  • Emblem Cannabis Corp
  • Hexo
  • Maricann
  • Medreleaf Corp
  • OrganiGram
  • WeedMD Inc



These are just but a tip of the iceberg as the market continues to thrive and grow, and more companies continue to legally come up offering high quality medical marijuana grades.If you are planning on exploring more licensed producers in Canada, then you are in for a treat.

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Although some people use cannabis for medication, most of its consumers are just looking to relax and have a good time while at it. That being said, there are specific strains of cannabis for whatever use one has in mind. This article exposes you to the best classic strain. They might be as late as they are classic, and there many counterfeits of them. If a user can get the real deal, however, they are worth it.

First off, there are three cannabis subspecies; indica, sativa and a hybrid born of both. Indica is known to be heavier on the body while sativa has a short lived powerful cerebral effect. The hybrid strains are loved as they provide a part of both. Moving on to the strains now.

Acapulco Gold

This is a sativa strain. It is considered by some as best strain ever created. Its happy, stimulating buzz makes it a number one choice for it’s users.


This is a hybrid strain. Although it is a classic, it rose to game in 2013 after winning Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup. It is a product of Alien Genetics. Farmers love it as it is a fast growing plant with a short vegetative cycle. Its strong effects are cerebral oriented enhancing relaxation and stress reduction.

Grape Ape

This is an indica strain. It has dense compound buds covered with purple leaves that darken as it reaches maturity. It guarantees the user a carefree relaxation.

Nine Pound Hammer

Now this is the definition of classic. It is an eighth percent indica strain. It’s combined flavors give out an aroma that leads to deep relaxation. Its effects are long lasting.


This sativa dominant hybrid strain has a unique lime smell. Its long lasting effects teleport its users to a world of happiness and a relaxed mindset. Its lemon- citrus fusion alleviates stress and bad moods.

Death Star

This is a hybrid descendant of Jensi Star and Sour Diesel, a fact that is proved by the smoke it emits. It’s taste and aroma is for a better part diesel. It also has traces of citrus which give it a sharp kick. The aftermath takes a while to come to but once it does,it gives a powerful euphoric buzz

Skywalker OG

Introducing a hybrid blend of Skywalker and OG Kush. OG Kush has made a big name for itself in the cannabis market. Its offspring does not disappoint. It has a jet fueled aroma that leaves it’s users relaxed, happy and euphoric.

Of course there are strains that are hot in the market right now. Strains like OG Kush, northern lights, and blueberry are in high demand. I assure you, though, you can never go wrong with the classics.

Cannabis is a plant used to make a drug that us illegal in most countries. What most people don’t know is that once upon a time this drug was legal. Many started abusing it leading most countries to list cannabis as an illegal drug.

However, in the recent past studies are looking at the benefits of cannabis Some states have even legalized it for medical purposes and seniors are among the top customers. Old age comes with a number of problems, both physical and psychological. Seniors are turning to cannabis to help them deal with the effects of old age. It is taken as cannabis edibles in form of gummies and chocolates. Seniors are using cannabis edibles for the following:

Alleviating pain

Seniors experience a lot of pain in their later years. Sometimes the pain is too much to bear. This is why they turn to cannabis edibles .The edibles can be smoked or consumed to reduce pain. They are also available in ointment. This ointment can be applied to the skin on the problematic area. The ointment is not as common as edibles. Edibles are easily available and all you have to do is chew. After consuming it, the pain begins to slowly fade and for a while seniors can enjoy a pain-free existence.


Insomnia and other disorders may also characterize aging. Studies claim that cannabis edibles may have a calming and sedating effect on the brain. Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) is a component derived from cannabis and infused in some edibles. It is what causes the “high” feeling. THC is what induces sleep by reducing dreams and nightmares.

Eating disorders

Many seniors are experiencing eating disorders. As people grow older, the number of taste buds also reduces. A reduction in taste buds may lead to failure in eating. This may cause anorexia which leads to cachexia. Cachexia is unintentional weight loss, specifically the loss of lean muscles and fat. Often, it is accompanied by lose of functional abilities and fatigue.

Reduce effects of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Memory loss is common among seniors. Alzheimer’s is caused by s build up of protein clumps in the brain. Research claims that THC be used to slow down the growth of these proteins.


It is a common disease among seniors caused by higher than normal pressure inside the eye. It may lead to optic nerve damage then blindness. Eye drops are usually prescribed to relieve the pressure but cannabis edibles can also do the job. Most seniors prefer this, especially because it is pocket friendly.

Anxiety and depression

Some seniors become depressed as they grow older. Things like diseases, pain and the worrying about the inevitable end and those they will leave behind, leads to depression. Depression in turn causes anxiety and panic attacks. Cannabis edibles becomes a solution to this problem. The calming effects provide an escape from depression and anxiety.

Boosting activeness

Seniors tend to be less active compared to adults. Their bodies have grown tired after all the years of working. Some even become dull and inactive yet they still want to play with grandkids and have general fun. In fact, most don’t want to be inactive. They want to feel young and do activities like before. When this becomes a problem, cannabis edibles provide a solution. The “high” sometimes makes them active. They begin to work as they used to while still young and energetic.

Cancer treatment

Old cancer positive seniors use this during cancer treatments. They use it to manage the effects of chemotherapy, which include, pain, nausea and vomiting and neuropathy. Neuropathy is characterized by a feeling of weakness, numbness, or burning in the hands and feet.

Final thoughts

Cannabis edibles are continuously gaining popularity among seniors. The medical benefits to seniors are overriding any negative effects. Most seniors are choosing this over prescription drugs because it is cost effective. They also have nothing to loose by tying it. After all, they have seen what life has to offer and are at a point where relaxing is all that matters.

Cannabis is a narcotic drug that is obtained from Cannabis plant. It is usually planted for its leaves. The leaves are dried and smoked by rolling blunts. It has many products such as tropical which include body lotions applied on the skin. It is also mixed in food substances such as cookies. On the other hand, corona virus is a dreaded disease which affects the lungs and is spread through coughing and coming into conduct with an infected person. One can conduct it by touching mouth, eyes and nose with infected hands. The two have an impact on the immune system Coronavirus weakens the immune system while Marijuana causes addiction. It is also a narcotic drug which is prescribed to patients by a medical practitioner. It can also cure various diseases including leprosy. Both bhang and the virus can cause death either immediately or after a long-term. Both corona virus and cannabis can be compared in many ways including the following. 

COVID19 is a disease while cannabis is a product 

Corona virus as the name suggests is a disease. It affects the immune system, once a person has contacted the virus.Bhang is a drug which affects the normal functioning of the body. It is also a cure for various diseases. Tbis means it is also sought after for its medicinal value. 

Bhang is smoked while corona virus is contracted in the body 

people go to shops to buy marijuana and smoke it afterwards. Coronavirus is not obtained from the blues instead people contract it. It is an infection hence can be transmitted. Once a person tests positive for the disease, they require a immediate attention from a medical practitioner. To curb its spread, people who come into conduct with an infected person is isolated to contain the virus from spreading. 

People infected with Corona virus and those under influence of marijuana are both quarantined. 

In the case for people with mental challenges due to long-term consumption of bhang, they are taken to rehabilitation centers where they are offered guidance and are also counseled over abuse of cannabis. Those infected with COVID19 are taken for treatment. Those isolated are the ones who came into conduct with those infected.in both cases, either being under influence of bhang or being a victim of corona virus is not a death sentence. 

From the above cases, both marijuana and corona virus compare in the one way and contrast in another way. They are however menace to a person’s health. People who are consumption of bhang should take it is in reasonable measures. This is to prevent brain damage which is a long-term effect. Also, people should follow government regulations on preventive measures on COVID19 pandemic. People should observe social distancing and wash their hands regularly. 

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For a company to produce the best result and turn out to be the best the company should check on its employee benefits payday loans near me These are very essential needs of an employee. Outlined here are the best practices of employee benefits. 

       When things aren’t going well and there’s a need to cut off some of the employee benefits, provide a sensible benefit plan for your employees. This will show your commitment towards your workforce and in return they experience a sense of security. 

       When designing your employee benefit plan, remember that the best practices will not only help you retain the best employees but also attract others to come. Best practice on employee benefits will help you achieve your goals and those of your employees. 

       Introduction to wellness program does not have to be expensive. You can encourage your employees to participate in a charity walk or an inter-company weight loss challenge.  

       Using an employee benefit plan to improve your company is wise. Introducing a profit-sharing plan in regard to the employees who are focused on long term success of an organization will attract long term employees in your company.  

       Never overlook the value of retaining critical employees. In regard to this, introduce policy benefit that encourages longevity and reward retention. 

       When an employee passes away, though sad and depressing, it’s in the best practice if the employer handles the deceased a final paycheck.  

       Strategizing a good employee benefits is key to saving. Making sure that the payroll goes on when the unexpected strikes is vital. Keeping payroll afloat is one of the best practices in employee benefits. This will ensure employee commitment to the company even when there’s trouble. 

       Even though health insurance is expensive, it’s the most sought cover. Most people will not be willing to pay it out of their pockets as it’s expensive and hence they prefer companies that will offer the services.  

       Offering   your employees unlimited vacation to allow them to pursue their goals, relax from work, enjoy time with their families and friends without a penalty will go a long way. Introduce sponsored vacations to empower your employee through training and seminars.  

       Letting employees choose to work where they are comfortable and relaxed. Also giving them the freedom to work the way that makes them happy and productive. This employee benefit will help them love and commit to their work and produce more. 

       Human resource is one of the best resources an organization can have. Offering the best employee benefit is vital in any organization. It is very crucial when a company appreciates their employees. This gives the employees a sense of belonging.  

       Attracting talent in an organization is crucial. In the modern world, attracting talent is one of the best practices in employee benefit as it will enhance commitment and retention.   

If employers offer great employee benefits, employers will definitely want to stay working in their organizations where they can gain and enjoy the benefits being offered. Always keep in mind that it is more expensive taking on new employees than retaining the old ones.  

Following the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada in 2018, the country has been experiencing significant shortages that have to lead to various provinces closing cannabis stores three days a week while other provinces have stopped issuing retail licenses. The main causes of the shortages have been caused by either licensing issues or problems associated with the economies of scale. All these issues are being faced by the growers, processors, and cannabis retailers alike, but the person feeling the effect is the customer that has waited for about 80 years for those stores to open.

Here`s a breakdown of some of the problems the cannabis market is facing;

Lack of enough licenses for retail stores and suppliers.

While the number of licensed retailers continues to increase, as of now, there are not enough licensed cannabis retailers to serve the market. There`s just one distributor per provincial area that is expected to meet the demand of every recreational user. Subsequently, unlicensed retailers and black-market suppliers continue to operate and thrive in the industry.

Shortage of the required packaging solutions.

Following the legalization of cannabis, Health Canada laid out a very specific requirement for all packaging to be used for cannabis. Some of these include; temper and child-resistant, certain specific warning labels and labels of all the ingredients’ as well as packaging that does not appeal to adolescents. This, together with all the other regulations for cannabis itself, is causing an increase in shortage as marijuana is left to sit on the shelves awaiting packaging containers.

Expected legalization of edibles later this year.

While this is incontestably a good thing for both suppliers and consumers, it is also one of the reasons for the shortage of dried cannabis. Edibles, extracts, and topicals are expected to offer higher margins to companies compared to dried marijuana. For this reason, some companies are holding their stock while awaiting the legalization of edibles.

licensing backlog

Health Canada has been experiencing a major backlog of all the applications coming in such that on average, a cultivation application takes months to be approved while a sale application takes almost a year to be approved. This backlog is causing companies that are fully equipped and ready to go into business to hold operations while waiting for licensing approval.

Political interference

There are very heavy regulations that have been put into place to ensure the purity of cannabis products, correct labeling that includes all the active ingredients` and prohibited sale to youths. Producers are also seeking rulers that protect them from completion both locally and internationally. However, this process has been highly politicized, leading to major delays that are adding to the shortages being experienced.

It is important to understand and acknowledge that every new market, such as this, is bound to face a few hiccups as the sector finds its equilibrium. However long it may take, once the cannabis market is well developed and stable there will be enough supply to meet the country`s demand, it`s just a matter of time.

As countries and states continue to legalize cannabis, teenagers are increasingly abusing the drug they can now get it very quickly in the market. This has, in turn, hurt their mental health, as their brain is still developing. That is why it is essential as a teenager to avoid using cannabis, to avoid falling into its pitfall, which is very hard to save yourself from. It is worth noting that teenagers are generally curious as they are growing, taking risks, and exploring different things in life, and that is why a high percentage of them try cannabis. Below are some of the facts that you need to know about cannabis use amongst teens. 

Cannabis use is linked to school dropout 
Cannabis mainly contains two compounds that explain its effects on a teenager’s brain. These compounds include the CBD compound, which is responsible for the medicinal benefits of the herb. The THC compound, on the other hand, is responsible for the recreational part. Once a teenager starts using cannabis and gets hooked, they start depending on the herb for their typical day to day activities.

Nonetheless, cannabis costs money, and therefore a teenager who is hooked will need the money to buy their marijuana. This, in turn, makes them to look for ways to make money, thus dropping out of school. That is why cannabis use amongst teenagers ought to be discouraged at all costs. 

Cannabis use has permanent effects on developing brain 
The brain of a teenager is not fully developed, as they are still in the process of growing. Therefore, whenever a teenager uses cannabis, the THC compound remains in the brain for a very long time, and can have adverse effects on their mental health. Nonetheless, for marijuana to leave long-lasting effects on your mind as a teenager, you must have used it for a very long time or daily. That is why before you start trying out cannabis, you ought to think carefully about what you are setting yourself up for, as you could ruin your life with the first puff of marijuana that you smoke.

Teenagers are using cannabis 
There is no need to bury our heads in the sand and ignore facts. The simple fact is that the majority of the teenagers in the country have or are still using cannabis for recreational purposes. This is very dangerous as cannabis has very adverse and sometimes permanent effects on their developing brains, which could ruin their lives forever. That is why parents and guardians need to educate their children about the adverse effects of cannabis on teenagers to help them stop the vice.  

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A cannabis dispensary in the USA is typically some retail shop set for the selling of Cannabis. They are also called Marijuana dispensaries. They ate physically allocated by the government where a person can buy Cannabis https://bud365.ca/ either for recreational or medical use. The first place to be introduced was Amsterdam, where they were referred to a coffee shop, and it took so.e time before this introduction picks in the corners of the USA. Unlike there before the buyers are restricted from consuming the Cannabis after buying in a place where it can affect others. That is, there have been some restrictions that no one is allowed to purchase marijuana and start consuming it at any location.

It is in these dispensaries where you buy Cannabis according to your doctor’s prescription. Some time back, the marijuana shops use to sell Cannabis that was not certified to be in the market. It was illegal and had diverse side effects to the users. Some people even ended up losing hope with the cannabis dispensary, but thanks to the new amendments that have been done. Right now, only the licensed dispensaries are allowed to sell the products.

Most of these dispensaries buy their products from China through some legalized USA importers. The product is transported using the fastest means possible to avoid any damage or expiring of the product before it reaches the destination. Only the licensed importers ate allowed to do this. As a matter of fact, before any merchandise is release from the airport on the USA, it must be tested to see the grade and its qualification before it is dispatched to the dispensaries. Thus is mainly meant for consumers’ protection.

Under the Cannabis dispensary, we have recreational dispensaries. This is where a twenty-one year adult and above can enter and purchase Cannabis or any cannabis product. It is mainly restricted for the adults since the products here are just for smoking, chewing, or inhaling to feel profoundly. 

The Cannabis dispensary contributed a lot to the USA economy. It helps with more than 5% of the total revenue collected. This is because the taxes subjected to Cannabis product are relatively high. Thus more of the income is received. This industry has given many people employment, starting with those who work in the manufacturing stage, sellers, transporters, and any other person who is involved.

In conclusion, Cannabis dispensaries across the USA have significantly increased from one stage to another. It is emerging as one of the best performing sectors that were not valued a few years back. It needs more advancement to ensure that, in a few years to come, it will be an independent sector that can even manufacture their own products without importing from China.