Comparison Between COVID 19 and Cannabis

Cannabis is a narcotic drug that is obtained from Cannabis plant. It is usually planted for its leaves. The leaves are dried and smoked by rolling blunts. It has many products such as tropical which include body lotions applied on the skin. It is also mixed in food substances such as cookies. On the other hand, corona virus is a dreaded disease which affects the lungs and is spread through coughing and coming into conduct with an infected person. One can conduct it by touching mouth, eyes and nose with infected hands. The two have an impact on the immune system Coronavirus weakens the immune system while Marijuana causes addiction. It is also a narcotic drug which is prescribed to patients by a medical practitioner. It can also cure various diseases including leprosy. Both bhang and the virus can cause death either immediately or after a long-term. Both corona virus and cannabis can be compared in many ways including the following. 

COVID19 is a disease while cannabis is a product 

Corona virus as the name suggests is a disease. It affects the immune system, once a person has contacted the virus.Bhang is a drug which affects the normal functioning of the body. It is also a cure for various diseases. Tbis means it is also sought after for its medicinal value. 

Bhang is smoked while corona virus is contracted in the body 

people go to shops to buy marijuana and smoke it afterwards. Coronavirus is not obtained from the blues instead people contract it. It is an infection hence can be transmitted. Once a person tests positive for the disease, they require a immediate attention from a medical practitioner. To curb its spread, people who come into conduct with an infected person is isolated to contain the virus from spreading. 

People infected with Corona virus and those under influence of marijuana are both quarantined. 

In the case for people with mental challenges due to long-term consumption of bhang, they are taken to rehabilitation centers where they are offered guidance and are also counseled over abuse of cannabis. Those infected with COVID19 are taken for treatment. Those isolated are the ones who came into conduct with those both cases, either being under influence of bhang or being a victim of corona virus is not a death sentence. 

From the above cases, both marijuana and corona virus compare in the one way and contrast in another way. They are however menace to a person’s health. People who are consumption of bhang should take it is in reasonable measures. This is to prevent brain damage which is a long-term effect. Also, people should follow government regulations on preventive measures on COVID19 pandemic. People should observe social distancing and wash their hands regularly. 

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